• Your Home Is Worth Curating

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Your Home Is Worth Curating

Your Home Is Worth Curating

Your Home Is Worth Curating

Your Home Is Worth Curating

Home Consulting

Designing your home can feel overwhelming. Have you ever wished you had a friend to talk through decisions with? Now you do.

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Who We Are

Here Is Our Process:

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Design

Step 3: Direction

Step 4: Installation

"I loved working with Homestead Collective. Their services are affordable, helpful and encouraging."

Lauren D.

"They helped me arrange the furniture in my office and also helped me choose a color palette for the room. The insight and help was invaluable."

Mary C.

"Their heart is to make your house your home. They use your style to design and create a space that your family will love to be in."

Krysta C.

"They took into consideration our budget, our style and helped us pin down all our different ideas. They gave us clear direction on what pieces we needed and how to arrange them to make the room work smoothly."

Leah B.

The Homestead Store

Homestead Collective Co.

We believe the home is a sacred place.  Within its walls, we share the exciting and the mundane moments. It’s where life is lived and memories are made.  Each of us can create a space, no matter the size, that is a reflection of who we are.  At Homestead Collective, we take great pride in filling our homes with goods that are both beautiful and functional.

We’re ready for days of hosting family and friends, and other days cozied up on the couch.  Whatever your season and wherever your home, we hope you find something here that fits.  We’re proud to present our curated collection of elevated essentials. 

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Hand picked pieces that we love and we know you will love as well. Transform your house into a home and a room into beautiful memories.